PS22 Videos

Hey 4th Grade!

Since you liked the PS22 video so much I am uploading a few more of their songs for you to watch here. Thank you for all the great responses on how being in this chorus affects the students’ lives. Check out some more of their great music!

PS22 – Singing and Making a Difference

PS22 in New York is a school that is working hard to make a difference in the lives of their students. Their 5th graders have a chorus that has reached people all around the world. Check out the video below to hear a little of what the group sounds like.

After you have watched the video, read the article below and then answer the questions in a comment.

“In a school where more than three quarters of the students are eligible for free lunch, the lyrics of the song have resonance, and the performance is haunting, emotive, and delivered with far more soul than one might expect from a bunch of fifth-graders. As Breinberg plays, he makes eye contact with the kids, coaxing performances from them and letting them enjoy themselves. Later, Davoya, one of the chorus members, explains how he does it. “At first, when I sang, I had no emotion,” she says. “I didn’t move. But Mr. B taught me to sing with feeling. With feeling and heart.”

Feeling and heart (along with an unusual repertoire) is what has made the ps 22 Chorus famous. In the last two years, this small, elementary-school choir has piqued the interest of people all over the world: music lovers and parents but also a random, devoted cross-section of the World Wide Web. In 2006, Breinberg started posting videos of the ps 22 Chorus on YouTube.”

From Eugene Cho (

What does the author mean when he says the performance is haunting, does this mean it is scary?

How do you think being in this chorus affects the students of PS22?

Eugene Cho also said the following:

“Music and art is a true joy and should be made available to all children and kids. We should never cut the arts from our public schools. Never. Rather, we should be investing. Public schools are important folks.  Very important.”

Do you agree or disagree that music and the arts should be an important part of school, or that we should spend that money on something else?

Gabby Douglas Achieves Dream

Watch the video below and then respond to the question. Remember to use your inferring skills and use the word “because”!


Gabby Douglas gave up everything to fulfill her dream of becoming an Olympian. She had to move all the way across the country to live with a new family so that she could train where she needed to. This meant she didn’t get to see her mom and siblings very much. Gabby Douglas went on to become an amazing athlete who won the gold medal at the 2012 summer Olympics for All-Around Best Gymnast. It is remarkable how hard she has worked for her dreams so that she could achieve them.

Please answer the following questions:


What do you think it’s like for Gabby to live 3,000 miles away from her family?

Why wouldn’t Gabby’s mom let her come home? Use evidence from the video.

What does Gabby’s mom mean when she says, “Family isn’t confined to blood relations?”

Lionel Messi Overcomes Challenges

Watch the video below and then respond to the questions below in a comment. Remember to use your inferring skills!


When Messi was 11 years old he was cut from his soccer team because of a growth hormone deficiency, this was a disorder that caused him to be very small in size. Messi went on to become one of the greatest soccer players in history.

Why do you think this is?

What makes Messi such a great player?

What does this say about his identity?